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We have Myotherapy & Massage Therapy services that can help you with:

  • headaches
  • back pain
  • relieving sciatica and nerve related conditions
  • jaw pain (TMJ syndrome, clenching/grinding)
  • repetitive work related muscle soreness
  • sports related injuries

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Chris YeoChris Yeo
14:54 16 May 24
Rotana's glowing reviews speak volumes, and it's because he pairs an extensive and holistic understanding of the body and mind with compassionate care and clear communication. He listens actively and patiently, and his affable demeanour and willingness to educate in a digestible yet comprehensive manner really inspires trust. There is a sense that he genuinely loves to help others feel better and empower them to stay that way.
Brandon BravoBrandon Bravo
03:09 29 Jul 21
2.5 years of back pain from an old, somewhat minor injury that would not go away. Multiple specialists, pops, adjustments, massages, cups, scrapes, and so on with no relief.One visit to Rotana and I could immediately feel the relief and the actual cause of the pain and tension (wasn't in my back). Each visit brought more and more relief, range of motion, and helped me understand how to maintenance the area myself as well.Stop wasting your time looking around and visit here.
Anthony GrassoAnthony Grasso
10:16 15 Feb 21
I have a chronic injury at the right shoulder. During these last two years I have consulted lot of different kind of therapist, acupuncture, doctors, I also did MRI etc. No one could really tell me what was my problem. Until I met Rotana, he successfully understood my problem , we worked on it few times. He helps me release the tension of my muscle. Now I feel much better.Definitely a recommendation.
Anne SinAnne Sin
10:21 16 Jan 21
Rotana is so informative and a very warm-natured therapist. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and was really struggling with hip/abdominal pain and neck pain (The latter which I’ve had since before pregnancy. ) By Rotana applying pressure in certain points, by the end of the hour, he’d released tension that had built up and was causing me to feel bent over with lots of pain. I felt I was able to walk straighter. He also really helped explain why some pain relief techniques work and some do not in certain places and has offered some recommendations for managing in the future. I was hesitant because I wasn’t familiar with myotherapy but SO happy I went! I’d recommend to everyone.
Sophie SinclairSophie Sinclair
06:37 24 Aug 20
I feel SO much better after four sessions with Rotana! I had been suffering with migraines and tension headaches daily for around 3.5 months. After four sessions of myotherapy, I am now headache free, and feel that I'm equipped with skills to help to keep it that way. Rotana is friendly, caring, reassuring and highly professional. He listens to your symptoms and thoroughly explains what he thinks is going on and how he will tackle it. I felt comfortable at all times and am SO thrilled with the results. I was sceptical at first, but now I'm a firm believer in the benefits of myotherapy so don't hesitate to give it a try if you're suffering with chronic pain. Clinical Myotherapy Group has changed my life! Thank you!!