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Knee pain

Knee pain is often caused by tendinitis that shows up as front knee discomfort worsened by going upstairs or walking up a ramp or other incline. Bursitis is inflammation that comes on due to repeated use, overusing the knee, an injury, or from arthritis. Another source of pain is chondromalacia patella which is cartilage underneath the kneecap that is damaged.



Other knee discomfort can be caused by arthritis, repetitive motion from bicycling, dancing, or running.


Knee pain tends to respond well to remedial massage and myotherapy, since the painful sensations will be relieved as the muscles that surround the joints begin to relax to relieve stiffness giving you a fuller range of motion when you bend the knee. We will look deeper than your discomfort to get to the root of the problem making it our goal to work with you toward better health and overall quality of life.


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