Massage Therapy

We have Myotherapy & Massage Therapy services that can help you with:

  • headaches
  • back pain
  • relieving sciatica and nerve related conditions
  • jaw pain (TMJ syndrome, clenching/grinding)
  • repetitive work related muscle soreness
  • sports related injuries
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Clinical Myotherapy Group
Based on 13 reviews
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Adam Bell
Adam Bell
I am so grateful to Clinical Mayo Therapy and in particular to Rotana's treatment, advice and recovery plan for my... ankle and shoulder. He greatly improved the mobility of my ankle and reduced and removed the pain from my shoulder. His explanations helped me better understand my body and how to prevent future injuries and build strength in those areas. I can't believe I spent 3 plus years living with these problems. I'm sincerely thankful to Rotana and highly recommend him for his expertise and more
Anne Sin
Anne Sin
Rotana is so informative and a very warm-natured therapist. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and was really struggling with... hip/abdominal pain and neck pain (The latter which I’ve had since before pregnancy. ) By Rotana applying pressure in certain points, by the end of the hour, he’d released tension that had built up and was causing me to feel bent over with lots of pain. I felt I was able to walk straighter. He also really helped explain why some pain relief techniques work and some do not in certain places and has offered some recommendations for managing in the future. I was hesitant because I wasn’t familiar with myotherapy but SO happy I went! I’d recommend to more
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
Can't recommend Rotana highly enough! He was incredibly kind to squeeze me in at the last minute, and made me feel... comfortable throughout the appointment. He really listened to my issues, talked me through what he was doing, and - most importantly - my issue began subsiding shortly after my appointment. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend, and will certainly be back!read more

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